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Zora’s Cradle upholds the commitment to a diverse board of professional and personal experience. We strive to ensure that candidates whose backgrounds reflect the primary populations we serve, particularly the underserved Black and Latinx maternal communities. Board members provide a diversity of professional and personal experience needed to help Zora’s Cradle to make the best decisions.

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Board Member

Jacoby Morris

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Mallory Ward

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Brianna Graham

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Shemika Whiteside MSSW, LCSW

Founder and Executive Director of Zora's Cradle

Founder and Executive

Director of Zora's Cradle

Shemika is the Executive Director of Zora’s Cradle. Mrs. Whiteside received a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Louisville and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a minor in African-American Studies from the University of Illinois-Springfield. Her research interests include maternal morbidity of Black and Latinx expectant mothers and dual diagnoses. She is the proud mother of a delightful teenage son and the wife of a self-proclaimed Marvel Comics fanatic.





Our Values

Zora’s Cradle proudly celebrates equity, diversity, and inclusiveness. We embrace these pillars of greatness as vital to healthy individuals and healthy communities. We believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion are an active operation that requires constant commitment to promote healthy people, healthy communities, and the overall success of present and future generations. The values of Zora’s Cradle are realized through or by fostering a culture of open-mindedness, empathy, and inclusiveness among individuals and groups. We are continuously building a community comprised of members from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences.

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