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    We offer assistance to mothers who are in need of housing and desire to prepare an independent life for their new families. To be eligible for our residential program, you must:

    1. be 16 years of age or older
    2. meet the HUD definition of homelessness
    3. have a documented 16 weeks gestation (minimum) of pregnancy as confirmed by a licensed physician
    4. must be able to take action for self-preservation under emergency conditions.
    5. have the absence of acute medical or physical problems which would require a greater degree of care than provided in residential program
    6. be able to live safely without 24 hour supervision.
    7. have knowledge of domestic skills such as mopping, dusting, cleaning, etc.

     Note: Participation in the residential program requires being assigned a case manager/community health worker from Zora’s Cradle 

    Please complete this form to express interest/schedule an interview for the Mother & Child Residential Program by clicking HERE